Welcome to Pinheads Bowling


World-class bowling experience.

Pinheads is excited to bring you the world’s first ski-in ski-out ten pin bowling experience! Bring the kids and enjoy our 4 fully computerized, state of the art, modern bowling lanes. Each lane comes with automatic bumper rails for the kids, 70 inch LCD screen entertainment, lighting displays and touch screen automatic scoring pads.

Highlights: bumper bowling, touchscreens, custom lighting


finalrun thmb

Final Run Bar and Bistro.

Final Run bar and bistro will satisfy your taste buds with its expansive range of healthy, culinary delights, sandwich bar, hot foods and array of ice-cream desserts. Select a nibble from our warm nut bar to compliment your choice of chilled beer straight from the tap - or perhaps an exotic cocktail? We also offer local award winning wines, cappuccinos, hot chocolates and more.

Highlights: beer, great food, cocktails



We haven't forgotten the kids!

With a wide selection of milkshakes, slurpies, floats (spiders) and soft drinks, the whole family will have a ball. Adults and kids alike will enjoy the interactive LCD screens at every booth and for your convenience, computer screens are available for internet access.

Highlights: interactive LCDs, computers

Open For Summer!

Pinheads Bowling and Final Run Bistro and Bar will re-open for Summer on June 26th

Open Wednesday to Sunday 10am - 9pm

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We look forward to seeing you!


Featured Bowler

Pinheads Bowling Champion2


Came up for a visit on Friday, Cool Cosmos, fabulous flatbreads and awesome ambiance and a very witty waitress ( thanks for the jokes) Thank you Pinheads, You Rock!!

Jennie Angel

Thanks again Pinheads Bowling for allowing us to warm up and get some wonderful Wedding photos. LOVE your venue!

Wedded Bliss Photography

Cant wait to come in for a bite and a game! Hearing lots of great things about it!

Ex Nihilo Vineyards

Wow!!! This is awesome for Silver Star. I looking forward to bowling and having some of your yummy food. Congratulations to you.

Lorena Dreaper Wood

This is really going to be "thee spot" to get the best Wines, Martini's and hot nuts. That's right...hot nuts!

Sue Miller